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1. If you have already written your article and are familiar with our magazines, simply e-mail it to one of our editors:





2. If you aren't familiar with our magazines, here's more detailed information. You can also download and print the submission guidelines in the "Resources" section of this page.

3. You can also send us articles by regular mail to:

ATTN: Magazines
Naval Safety Center
375 A Street
Norfolk VA 23511-4399

4. When you email your article, please use the author's name as the filename. Give us the author's full name and a mailing address so we can send a certificate of appreciation and a copy of the issue that the article appears in, if we print it.

5. Our surveys consistently show that readers like articles written by their peers, and they like to read about true-life events and experiences. Your effort keeps others from having to learn the hard way.


We want honest appraisals and realistic solutions. Our staff is always open to new ideas, so don't be afraid to try something different. We also want your feedback. Send your letters, opinions, viewpoints, and comments to


Include a smooth narrative of the event, names and ranks of the nominees, and endorsements from the command safety officer and CO. Approach and Mech BZs must include endorsements from squadron CO and appropriate wing or MAG CO. Send an action photo of the candidate(s) on the job or crew with the nominee(s) identified in the photo. Photos must be high-res (300 dpi), saved as a JPG. A phone number should also be included. We cannot work the BZ until we have all these "pieces." Forgetting the chops delays processing the nomination and its publication.


Submission Guidelines

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