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The Final Friday Funnies...Fair Winds and Following Seas 

1. Welcome to the very last edition of the Summary of Mishaps or more commonly known as the Friday Funnies. This week’s topic: Goodbye.


A. With the retirement of the Naval Safety Center's beloved Derek Nelson, it is now time to retire the equally beloved Friday Funnies (the Summary of Mishaps report). We remind all fans that they can visit the Best of the Friday Funnies magazine. In the meantime the Public Affairs staff is exploring new product development and we look to promote these in the future.


B. We will also have an archive page with all your favorite editions coming soon.


2. Thank you for the many years of support and as Mr. Nelson closed out his last Friday Funny submission, "That's it, there is no more."





Last week's issue: Archive 14- -Grease Fires

Check out our very first special print issue, "The Best of the Friday Funnies." If you'd like an actual paper copy, just ask using the Media Feedback link below.
If you have a question about some of our odd terminology, become an insider by studying up on our Glossary.
And if you have even more time on your hands, here's the exhibit list from the
Summary of Mishaps Museum.

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