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Guidance for non-aviation Safety Investigation Report (SIREP), Abbreviated SIREP, and SIREP endorsement templates

DoD Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) ver. 7.0


Aviation Pre-Mishap  

Aircraft Mishap Telephone Report Form
Notification Timeline

Crash Kit

Civilian Personal Property Custody Receipt

Advice to Witness Forms


Aviation Post-Mishap / Investigation Tips 

Senior Member Guide     
PDF of entire document
                 First 24 Hours
                 Field Investigation
                 Admin and Logistics
                 Technical Assistance
                 Working with NTSB and FAA
                 Salvage Considerations

JAGMAN Investigating Officers Guide
Determining Ground Speed from Blade Strike Scars



Point of Contact List
                Fleet Support Team (FST) POCs
                FAA NAVREPs

Carbon Fiber Considerations
2015 Engine Cost Data for Mishap Reporting

Water Salvage  Considerations
              Salvage Request Process

                SUPSALV Brief 

Direct Enemy Action  (DEA)
PAO Gouge on Aviation Mishaps  
Collecting Bird Feathers/Remains for Analysis 

 Wrap Up 

Other Links

Wreckage Release


Hammer ACE Communication Support (51 CBCS)
            Capabilities Brief

USAF 84th Radar Evaluation Squadron (84 RADES)Bird Remains Identification POC
School of Aviation Safety

Aircraft Mishap Historical  I

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OPNAV Investigation Guide 


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