51 CBCS - Hammer ACE


         Hammer ACE (Adaptive Communications Element) is a rapid deployable team of three personnel providing flexible, adaptive, secure and non-secure command and control communications to on-scene commanders.  We are able to support a small cadre of 10-20 personnel with emergency communications prior to arrival of sustainment forces. We provide all the amenities of your office anywhere in the world. There are three teams consisting of 3 members each with the capability to deploy within hours.

         Hammer ACE provides quick reaction, world-wide deployable command, control, communications and computer support to nuclear mishaps, DoD aircraft accidents, domestic chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-explosive (CBRNE) events. Additionally, Hammer ACE responds to natural disasters, homeland defense missions and consequesnt management.

         To contact Hammer ACE call (478) 327-9443 (DSN) 497-9443 between the hours 0f 0730 and 1630 EST. After hours they can be reached at the Robins Command Post at (478) 327-2612 (DSN) 497-2612. Email: hammer.ace@robins.af.mil or DoD Global Address System: 51 CBCS/SCPR Hammer Ace.

Contact Info: 757-444-3520 Ext: 7813 | POC: SAFE_Code13@navy.mil
Last Reviewed August 8, 2014