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Reference: 3750.6R Para 515, Page 5-15, COMBAT ZONE REPORTS. DEA MDR format follows on page 5-17.

*Combat Zone Reporting Decision Tree at Appendix 5C

       Classify mishaps in a combat zone as either "direct enemy action," "operational" or "unintentional damage to friendly forces."

(1) Direct Enemy Action (DEA). Mishaps in which the reporting custodian perceives one of the following conditions exist.

      (a) Damage or loss of aircraft, or injury on the ground, or in the air, by enemy action, fire, or sabotage.
      (b) Damage or loss of aircraft, or injury due to evasive action taken to avoid enemy fire.
      (c) Aircraft fails to return from a combat mission and there is no evidence that an operational mishap occurred.
      (d) DEA mishaps may occur outside an officially designated combat zone.

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