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FAST for NMCI - A note from NSC's Command Flight Surgeon


Fellow Aeromedical Specialists,

Terrific news - FAST (the Fatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool) has been approved for install on NMCI machines!  Our Naval Safety Center computer guru advises the steps are as follows:

"Commands that are on NMCI will have to get their CTR to associate the FAST application in ISF Tools (from the application catalog to their command application catalog  - creating an RFS) - then submit a MAC to have the software loaded to the appropriate system in their command (the systems in their command that need the software)."

I haven't a clue as to what that all means, but apparently if that guidance is presented to your local computer Customer Tech Rep (CTR), they can associate the FAST program in the Integrated Solution Framework (ISF) Tools, which will create a Request for Service (RFS), then submit a Move/Add/Change (MAC) to have the program loaded to the systems in their command that need FAST.  (This is why our computer gurus are worth their weight in gold...).

Up to now, FAST has been distributed to authorized military users for installation on their personal machines, or to those machines to which they have administrator privileges, by visiting the website.  Mr. Rob O'Donnell at NovaSci is still acting for us in licensing the individual programs.  The program should give instructions as to how to contact him for the registration and license when the installation takes place. 

Anyway, if you'll forward this info to any Flight Surgeons, AMSO/Physiologists, and AEPs who are interested, it will help get them up and running on their work machines.  Any questions or problems, please have them contact me.


Thanks much,

Command Flight Surgeon

Head, Aeromedical Division (Code 14)

Naval Safety Center

(757) 444-3520 x 7228

DSN: 564-3520