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Fleet Logistics Support Wing

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MISSION:  The Fleet Logistics Support Wing is established to operate Navy Unique Fleet Essential Airlift aircraft on a worldwide basis to provide responsive, flexible, and rapid deployable air logistics support required to sustain combat operations at sea.  During peacetime, squadrons provide air logistics support for all Navy commands as well as provide continuous quality training for mobilization readiness.  

The CFLSW staff is specifically tasked to provide administrative, personnel, and training support to 15 assigned squadrons.  A comprehensive quality visit program has been implemented to maintain standardization and maximum readiness support for subordinate units.

HISTORY:  Fleet Logistics Support Wing was commissioned in 1974 at Naval Support Activity, New Orleans, Louisiana as Reserve Tactical Support Wing.  In 1983, the name was changed, and in 1986, the Wing Staff moved to Naval Air Station Dallas, Texas.  In 1997, the staff again relocated to its current location at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Texas.  Currently the Airwing consists of 14 VR squadrons: one C-9 squadron, five C-130T squadron, one C-20G squadron, four C-40 squadrons and three C-37A Executive Transport Detachments. 

Fleet Logistics Support Wing has no counterpart in the active force.  Its mission represents 100 percent of the Navy’s intra-theater air logistics capability.  The VR mission extends around the globe to Europe, the Western Pacific, Southwest Asia, South America, the Mediterranean, and Africa.  Fleet Logistics Support Wing continues to play an active and vital role in making the Navy a responsible and mobile arm of the Nation’s defense.