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About JTEL


The Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC) provides secure Joint Tactical Networking applications, capable of operating in a variety of hardware transport solutions for both Programs of Record and commercial radios via an affordable, government-controlled open architecture, in support of Combatant Commanders’, Services', and Coalitions’ interoperable network mission requirements.

Under the JTNC, JTNC Test and Evaluation Laboratory (JTEL) is the test authority for Compliance Testing of the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and the JTNC Standard Application Program Interfaces (APIs).

JTEL's Primary Functions include:

  • Providing development and test support for SCA Compliance Certification
  • Providing development and test support for JTNC API Compliance Certification
  • Developing and maintaining test capabilities for SCA and API Compliance testing
  • Working with the Software Defined Radio (SDR) industry partners and JTNC Standards team to support SCA evolution

For the JTAP Automated SCA v2.2.2 Test Tool, JTEL Manual Test Procedures, or other JTEL Products, Click Here.

JTEL History

  • Early 1997
    JTRS was initiated to pursue a multi-band radio to replace existing legacy radios in the Department of Defense (DoD) inventory.
  • April 1998
    The JTRS Joint Program Office (JPO) and Industry began the development of an open architecture.
  • February 2001
    JTRS was designated as a special interest program.
  • October 2001
    U.S. Army Project Manager Tactical Radio Communications Systems (PM TRCS) released Cluster 1 Request for Proposal (RFP) procurement package.
  • November 2001
    Space and Naval Warfare Systems Centers (SSC) Charleston and San Diego* were selected to lead the JTRS Technology Laboratory (JTeL).
  • February 2005
    DoD issued a JTRS Acquisition Decision Memorandum establishing a Joint Program Executive Officer (JPEO) for the JTRS program.
  • March 2005
    JPEO JTRS established in San Diego, supported by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command.
  • October 2005
    The JTeL dissolved and reorganized as JTRS Test and Evaluation Laboratory (JTEL), located at SSC San Diego, and assumed all duties as the test authority for Compliance Testing of the SCA.
  • April 2008
    JTEL became the test authority for JTRS API Testing.
  • October 2012
    JTEL came under the direction of the JTNC.

  • * SSC Charleston and SSC San Diego were renamed SSC Atlantic and SSC Pacific, respectively, in 2008.


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