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IA Hall of Honor
Eye on Individual Augmentee

Returning Sailors, Marines and Family Members Find Healing at Southwest Region's Returning Warrior Workshop

Navy WTP Moves to Germany from Kuwait

Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Changes Leadership

IA Sailors lead JCCS-ONE to Navy Unit Commendation

A hospital corpsman assigned to 1st squad, 2nd platoon, Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 2

Yeoman 3rd Class Michael Yates, left, and Damage Controlman 2nd Class Sterling Cox, assigned to Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center, check Sailors in at Baltimore Washington International Airport who were returning from overseas duty assignments.

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Gary Roughead is relieved by Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert as the Chief of Naval Operations during a change of command ceremony at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Adm. John C. Harvey, Commander USFF, talks with Sailors over dinner in the zone two dining facility at the U.S. Army Camp Arifjan in Kuwait.

MCPON Rick West addresses more than 150 deployed Sailors during an all-hands call at WTP.

Individual Augmentee receives the Bronze Star.

Sailors aboard USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) discuss the location of shipmates serving around the world as individual augmentees.

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DefenseLink News

ASN (M&RA) TDY Entitlements (Per Diem) Changes

On July 8, 2013, the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, ASN (M&RA), issued the second of two new TDY Entitlements policy memorandums, ASN (M&RA) memo June 10, 2013 and ASN (M&RA) memo July 8, 2013. This policy change will affect the pay of many IA Sailors who are currently on TDY orders or who are about to begin new TDY orders. The new ASN (M&RA) policy generally restricts IAs to receiving per diem entitlements for not more than two years in one geographic location, however specific time limitations on TDY entitlements are reflected in the “stoplight charts” and “flow charts” discussed below. The TDY Entitlements policy breaks IA Sailors into three general categories: 1) AC Sailors 2) RC Sailors with existing TDY orders 3) RC Sailors with new TDY orders Each of these categories has specific rules regarding their TDY Entitlements. Due to the complexity of the new policy, USFF N1 issued two memorandums supporting the generation of new RC IA TDY orders and implementation plans for existing RC IA TDY orders. (Note: “Existing” orders are defined as orders dated on or before July 8, 2013.) Supporting these two memorandums, the TDY Entitlements Implementation Stoplight Charts and TDY Entitlements Flow Charts provide amplifying details.

Questions regarding this policy and/or specific situations, work through your chain of command. Any issues that cannot be resolved contact USFF IA Support.

Electronic Leave and Earnings Statement Policy

Effective September 30, 2011, the Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller issued a memo directing Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) to turn off hard copy mailings of Leave and Earnings Statements (LES) to all military members (and non-bargaining civilians) based on the DoD Efficiency Task Force selection of the electronic LES (eLES) as an opportunity for DFAS to increase savings. The eLES is offered to Department of Navy employees through the myPay system. In the event the electronic standard causes a hardship, individuals retain the ability to turn on hard copy LES delivery in myPay. For additional information, see the joint memo from the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management and Comptroller) and the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs).

Travel Claim Process

CNIC has created a Travel Claim page to provide key forms and instructions (Direct Deposit, Temporary Lodging Expenses (TLE), Dislocation Allowance (DLA), Copy of the Travel Claim Form 1351, as well as a tutorial that provides block by block instructions on how to properly fill out the 1351 and on how to properly fill out and submit accurate travel claims prior to being sent to Travel Processing Centers for liquidation.

Most IA assignment related entitlements start when you in-process and may include:
  • Imminent Danger Pay (IDP) (see NAVADMIN 062/12)
    • Service members receive IDP prorated per day in an IDP-eligible area up to maximum monthly amount
    • Stops month after zone departure
  • Hostile Fire Pay (HFP) (see NAVADMIN 062/12)
    • Service members receive non-prorated HFP to full monthly amount when exposed to hostile fire or hostile mine explosion event
    • Stops month after zone departure
  • Combat Zone Tax Exclusion
    • Complete tax free pay Enlisted/Warrants
    • Officers up to allowable limit
    • Stops month after zone departure
    • Social Security and Medicare still collected
    • Enlisted bonuses and subsequent installments tax free
    • Officer bonuses and subsequent installments tax fee to limit
    • Entire month credit with one day in zone
  • Hardship Duty Pay (Save Pay)
    • Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, HOA eligible
    • Bahrain NOT eligible
    • Stops day of eligible zone departure
  • ITDY Dependent Travel Allowance
    • For sailors on ITDY orders to escort their dependents to and from an alternate place
    • Only affects the portion of travel related to the escort of dependents
  • Incidental Expense (IE) per diem
    • Paid while lodging and meals provided
    • Monthly travel claim required for payment
    • This is in addition to full Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS)
  • Family Separation Allowance (FSH)
    • Retroactive entitlement payable after 31st day of separation from eligible dependents
    • Stops day of return to geographic location of eligible dependent
    • DD 1561 with member’s signature required for payment

All of these entitlements are guaranteed to start for eligible personnel no later than post 30 days “boots on ground” retroactive to the first day of eligibility.

Pay Changes to Monitor

There are some pay changes you need to be aware of to avoid over or under payment during your IA assignment:

  • Sea Pay
    • Not eligible after 31st day of IA assignment
    • Sea counter stopped with the stop of sea pay
    • Special detailing considered for credit of IA assignment
  • Meal Deduction
    • No meal deduction for entire IA assignment
  • Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP)
    • Eligibility can continue up to the first 90 days of IA assignment
    • If command transfers special duty assignment to another qualified command member, SDAP can be stopped the first day of IA assignment
Combat SGLI Reimbursement

The FY07 John Warner National Defense Authorization Act (Public Law 109-364) authorized reimbursement of SGLI premiums paid by service members serving under OCONUS OEF/OND orders in CENTCOM, EUCOM, AFRICOM, SOUTHCOM, and PACOM theaters of operation.

DOD Financial Management Regulation Volume 7A, Chapter 47 (August 2011) states premiums will be charged at the rate of $3.25 per $50,000 coverage up to a maximum coverage of $400,000 which equals a monthly premium payment of $26 plus $1 for TSGLI (Traumatic Injury Protection Program) premium. Reimbursement is on a dollar for dollar basis up to the maximum monthly premium of $27 ($3.25 for each $50,000 coverage plus $1.00 for TSGLI). Per February 2012 DFAS instruction, bi-monthly SGLI premium reimbursement credit begins approximately two months after deployment start and Sailors who do not see reimbursements on their LES by their deployment's third month should immediately contact their Personnel Office.

- A Sailor electing $400,000 SGLI coverage (8 increments of $50,000) will see a monthly LES deduction of $27 ($3.25 X 8 plus $1 TSGLI) and a bi-monthly credit of $54.
- A Sailor electing $150,000 SGLI coverage (3 increments of $50,000) will see a monthly LES deduction of $10.75 ($3.25 X 3 plus $1 TSGLI) and a bi-monthly credit of $21.50.

Component specific issues:
1) AC - previous SGLI election remains in effect and premiums reimbursed while deployed under OEF/OND orders. AC Sailors who had previously opted out of SGLI should consider SGLI coverage while deployed on OEF/OND orders as premiums are fully reimbursed rendering coverage essentially FREE.
2) RC - unless Sailors specifically opt out of SGLI in writing at time of mobilization they will receive $400,000 in coverage. Sailors mobilized under OEF/OND orders who are considering opting out of SGLI coverage in writing are strongly advised to consider this information BEFORE electing to opt out, as reimbursement renders SGLI coverage FREE while deployed under OEF/OND orders.

For additional information, visit the DFAS SGLI and VA SGLI.

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