Naval Mobilization and Processing Sites (NMPS)

You will be processed through Navy Mobilization Processing Site (NMPS) Norfolk as written in your orders. Utilize your orders and the NMPS Norfolk website for points of contact and additional information.

You will be at NMPS Norfolk for approximately one week to ensure all prerequisite items and the Expeditionary Screening Checklist are completed and that you are qualified to move forward. All transportation is provided at the NMPS.


  • Do refer to the NMPS Packing List during your pre-deployment preparation.
  • Do report to NMPS in a clean working uniform.
  • Do plan to lodge in government berthing. You are required to stay in berthing provided.


  • Do not report in coveralls, flight suits, civilian clothes or physical training (PT) gear.
  • Do not take all of your standard issue uniforms to NMPS unless it is specified in your orders. You will only need enough clean Navy working uniforms to wear for a few days until mission uniforms are issued.
  • Do not pack unnecessary items or items that you will not use during pre-deployment training. You will be issued approximately 32 pounds of gear and a sea bag at NMPS. If military air is utilized to transport you to your next intermediate stop, your personal gear limit is 40 pounds—which includes the 32 pounds of gear issued at NMPS. Plan accordingly and minimize personal gear. Excess items may be mailed/shipped from NMPS to your home or forward to your theater assignment location at your expense.
  • Do not bring personal gear (weapons, tactical vests, ACOG sights or additional tactical gear) to NMPS/NIACT.  You will be issued what you need.  You will need a small/medium sized backpack (72 hour bag) that can be purchased at the Exchange at NMPS.
  • Do not bring you personal vehicle unless specifically allowed for in your orders. No privately owned or rental cars are authorized unless stated on orders.
  • Do not plan to lodge commercially. Family or guests are not authorized to stay with you. Families are not authorized to accompany you to NMPS and they will not be allowed to accompany you from this point forward.

NOTE: You will be provided with numerous briefs to support your deployment and re-deployment. These briefs are hosted by CNIC on their website for your convenience and later review.