Order Cancellation

The Individual Augmentee process is based on Joint Staff ordered requirements and changes to those requirements requested by theater Combatant Commanders (COCOM).  USFF responds to these ordered requirements/changes and ultimately produces IA orders and/or order modifications for each Individual Augmentee.  Evolving conditions on the ground in theater routinely result in the Combatant Commander cancelling mission requirements.  This can happen when events on the ground make the requirement obsolete, or when a change in strategy or national policy at the highest levels of government alter the military's mission on the ground.  Currently, the draw-down of forces in Central Asia, is resulting in an increase in the frequency of cancelled IA orders.

Obviously, mission cancellation can be very disruptive for the affected Sailor.  The response to a mission cancellation will depend upon:

  • Sailor preference to seek another IA mission
  • When the mission cancellation occurs
  • What  type of IA Sailor is supporting the mission


OSA/GSA AC Sailors are all volunteer Individual Augmentees and upon mission cancellation will need to work with their respective detailer and/or ECRC action officers to determine if other IA missions may be available.  Mission cancellations for OSA/GSA sailors always will require follow-on detailer negotiation which may be inside the normal 9-month negotiation window. 


IAMM AC Sailors are typically "rip to fill" from their parent command to serve as IAs.  Therefore IAMM Sailors will return to the parent command with requests for exception handled on a case-by-case basis. 


Cancellation of RC mobilzation orders can be the most complicated to deal with due to the potential for substantial impact to the affected Sailors' lives.  As a result, the Navy will usually make every effort to work with the RC IA Sailor to find them an alternate set of orders if such orders are desired.  If replacement orders are desired, the IA Sailor should immediately contact:

  • RESFOR action officers if they have not yet reported to their NOSC or NMPS
  • ECRC/RESFOR action officers if they already reported to NMPS or follow-on training

Additional Information:

For more information on the impact of the draw down, please refer to Training Focus Area (TFA) #3. of The CIAC Paddle, 11th edition.

Finally, MilitaryOneSource hosts an excellent article that you may find helpful to ensure you are covering all bases in the event of a deployment cancellation.