Train & Equip

During the Train & Equip phase the IA Sailor processes through the Navy Mobilization and Processing Site (NMPS) and any other required training. Typically, this involves one or more intermediate stops (I-Stops) for training, including Navy IA Combat Training at an Army base, and the completion of online courses. IA training may require IA Sailors to change locations one or more times to complete all training.

  • Train & Equip phase begins with departure from the Parent Command for the NMPS.
  • The purpose of Train & Equip phase acitvities is to provide general and mission-specific training and gear issue for the IA Sailor, primarily at NMPS and then at NIACT.
  • Train & Equip phase ends when the IA Sailor departs his or her final I-Stop for the theater.

What you need to know…