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I. Navy Deployment Health Assessment Program

The Deployment Health Assessment (DHA) website provides clear and concise guidance on DHA policy and execution to commands and practical guidance to Sailors on how to complete the process. Be sure to bookmark this website to provide you with the information needed on DHA policy and execution.

The DoD Deployment Health Assessments are a means to identify and track (on an individual and population level) specific health related outcomes which may be related to military deployments. They are required when a Sailor spends more than 30 days OCONUS ashore without a fixed Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) or when required by the COCOM or Operational Commander.

The PDHA and PDHRA can only be completed electronically using the Navy/Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) eDHA application. Log on using your SSN as your username. If asked for a Passphrase use “Activenavy1#”. Once complete, schedule an appointment with a medical provider for a face-to-face appointment and certification of the assessment. Once certified as complete, a paper copy will be placed in your medical record.

NFAAS records cannot be closed until the assessments have been documented as either:

  • Date Performed (as set by MRRS)
  • Not Performed (for PDHA more than 90 days from return, for PDHRA more than 270 days from return)
  • Not Required (service member did not meet DHA criteria)

1. Re-Deployment Screening Procedures

Expeditionary re-deployment screening is required for all re-deploying IA Sailors.  This includes personnel selected for one of four types of IA assignments: Global Support Assignment (GSA), Individual Augmentation Manpower Management (IAMM), Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) Support Assignment (OSA), or Reserve Component Mobilization (RC MOB).

  • MILPERSMAN 1300-319 contains an explanation of all IA re-deployment / demobilization screening procedures.
  • BUMEDINST 1300.4 is the re-deployment screening procedures for returing IAs.
  • NAVMED 1300/13 is the re-deployment/demobilization medical and dental screening form for returing IAs.

2. Post-Deployment Health Assessment (PDHA) - DD 2796

  • PDHA must be completed +/-30 days from leaving theater.
  • IA Sailors should complete the PDHA when returning through NMPS.
  • PDHA is completed on-line.
  • A face-to-face interview with a medical provider completes the process.
  • Process will include blood tests.
  • PDHA completion must be verified at your follow on command.
3. Post-Deployment Health Re-Assessment (PDHRA) - DD 2900

The Post-Deployment Health Re-Assessment (PDHRA) is similar to, but different than the PDHA.

  • PDHRA must be completed between 90-180 days after leaving theater.
  • PDHRA is completed on-line.
  • A face to face interview with a medical provider completes the process.
4. PDHRA face to face interview

For Active Component Sailors, your Unit will provide direction for the health care provider review process from your local MTF. The Call Center should NEVER be used to circumvent current policy for convenience.

Reserve Sailors or Active Component Sailors in a remote location (Independent Duty, Recruiter, etc.) without access to an MTF can complete the PDHRA through the PDHRA Call Center at 1-888-PDHRA-99 (1-888-734-7299). The PDHRA (DD 2900) must be submitted in eDHA prior to calling the call center.

For more information on Deployment Health and a list of Deployment Health Centers go to the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center.

II. Resource Referral Tracking Manager (RRTM)

Is a mechanism that allows IA Sailors to access healthcare benefits after leaving NMPS. The RRTM provides the following services:

  • tracks referrals placed by an NMPS Medical Provider
  • aids Sailors in navigating the post-deployment healthcare system (TRICARE, MTFs, VA)
  • resolves issues with appointments, delayed care, understanding benefits, etc.
  • directs members to proper resource for obtaining necessary referrals

The RRTM is available 24/7 through the NAVY 311 System or by calling Toll Free: 1-855-NAVY-311 (1-855-628-9311); DSN: 510-628-9311. You can email the RRTM directly for questions 0800 - 1600, Mon - Fri (EDT/EST).

Note: Ensure your medical records contain copies of any and all treatments received while in-theater prior to leaving your AOR.