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R3 Gear Turn-In

After your mission is over, you will be required to turn-in your issued equipment. Completing the steps below before arriving at the Navy WTP Sembach, Germany will help you to get home sooner. If you are not coming back through Germany, you will complete this process before you get on the plane. Review and complete the Gear Turn-in Document. Use the directions below as you pack your gear for re-deployment.

  • Clean your weapons (M9, M4 or M16).
  • Separate your personal items from organizational issued equipment and gear. Use a separate bag for your personal items that you will want to take home.
  • Inspect all equipment (OC and IE, RFI gear) and remove any gear adrift or personal belongings.
  • Clean Body Armor Vest (IBA) with soap, water, and brush, in accordance with manufacturer’s instruction printed inside of vest.
  • Separate all the attachments from equipment belt (Molle gear, Canteen Pouches, etc).
  • Separate/disassemble helmet cover, chin strap, and unscrew all attachments on combat helmet.

Not everyone will have been issued everything on the Gear Turn-in Form, but if you have any if the items listed you need to return them. If you mailed anything back to the U.S. or left them before you departed, you need to retrieve those items to turn them in or you will eventually be charged for each item by the Army.

Items that DO NOT have to be returned:


  • Boots & Socks
  • T-shirts
  • Long Underwear (lightweight and heavyweight)
  • Covers
  • Gloves
  • Eye Protection (glasses) Goggles DO need to be returned

Items (exceptions to the guidelines) that DO have to be returned:

  • Camp Atterbury issued items: Gloves, Neck Gaiter and Eye Protection

To save yourself time, separate the items you need to return from the items you do not and your personal items. Bring only the items to be turned in to gear drop. Everyone will need to turn in two seabags. Ensure everything is clean and free of sand and dirt. It does not matter if you have marked your name on items; they still need to be returned.

Special note about sleep systems: All five pieces (including the bag) must be turned in. If there are any missing pieces, a DD-200 will need to be filled out.

DO NOT discard uniform items in trash cans anywhere in theater. There are specific uniform turn-in locations at WTP to discard uniforms if you desire. Make sure you keep one uniform and a soft cover for flying back to the U.S. if you are on one of the scheduled rotators and for reporting bacl to ECRC Norfolk.