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Reserve Component Unit Reintegration

Typical concerns for reintegrating RC sailors include:

  1. Authorized absence after return
  2. Resumption of collateral duties
  3. Competitiveness for increased responsibility
  4. FITREPs and EVALs
  5. Follow-On Orders

In many cases, the extent to which the you included your Parent Command in your Communication Plan during your mobilization will ease your reintegration with respect to the concerns listed above.

  • RC Sailors returning from an IA are authorized up to¬†6 months of authorized absences from SELRES/Parent Command responsibilities.
  • One of the main concerns for unit R3 is how you fit into the next FITREP/EVAL cycle, particularly with regard to the peers you left behind when you mobilized. The FITREP/EVAL guidance page includes information regarding post-IA tour FITREP/EVAL cycles with your Parent Command.