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Civillian Employment Reintegration

Reintegration with former/current (i.e., Military LOA) employer or with a new employer following a mobilization can present some issues. Hopefully, if you are returning to a former employer, you've kept in touch as part of the communications plan you created for your mobilization. Similarly, whether you are returning to a previous employer or looking for a new employer, hopefully you have ramped up that communication as you've drawn closer to the end of your BOG time. Regardless of well prepared you are, however, circumstances can change and transition can be difficult, for which the following resources are provided:

1. Transition GPS (formerly TAP)

As a demobilizing Reserve Component Sailor, you are required by law (specifically, the VOW/VEI act) to recieve the Transition GPS training which will be coordinated through ECRC. The focus of TAP is to educated you on your rights with regard to employment you may have had at time of mobilization per USERRA and to help veterans find new employment opportunities in either the private sector or the federal government. For more information see:

  • DoN Transition GPS
  • As well as the transition focused support networks and services
  • Note that under certain conditions Transition GPS may be waived, in which case the ECRC I-Stop will be a 1-week stop instead of a 2-week stop. Transition GPS waivers may be applied for uppon arrival to ECRC and are typically granted to members who can demonstrate that they already have a job to return to.

2. Office Reintegration

Going back into the civilian work force after a long absence and intense experiences in a combat zone may have its challenges. You may be assigned different work or different people to work with. There may be unfamiliar new policies, procedures and programs to learn. Also, your own perceptions and attitudes about your job may have been affected by your military experiences.  In the best conditions, the transition back is often stressful, and in the worst conditions you may need legal assistance to address an USERRA complaint. Some useful information includes: