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Navy & Marine Corps Mobilization Processing Module (NMCMPS)

NMCMPS captures both administrative and medical discrepancies identified upon check in at ECRC. Each CIAC has the capability to run discrepancy reports for their Parent Command utilizing NMCMPS Ad-Hoc reporting tool. For more information including potential training opportunities, CIACs are encouraged to visit the NMCMPS information and access page.

NMCMPS is also the tool to which IA orders are posted for the IA Sailor to access him or herself. CIACs should be able to work with their command N1 / manpower / or mobilization departments with someone who already has command access if the CIAC has a need to get orders for the IA Sailor. However, if there is no one with command access to work with, CIACs can get access themselves following the directions below:

A. Instructions for getting NMCMPS access:

For access to NMCMPS please submit a SAAR-N  and in the Justification for Access block 11 provide a description of how you will use NMCMPS to perform your job and your assigned UIC then send the completed SAAR-N to .

B. Instructions for use:

To access NMCMPS please go to then use your email certificate to log in. 

Click the NMCMPS link and select your email Certificate to login to NMCMPS.

With the latest upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) you will have to run your browser in compatibility mode for some Navy websites to include NMCMPS.  Follow the below steps to set IE10 to automatically open in compatibility mode.

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Press the Alt key, then press the 'T' key
  3. Choose Compatibility View settings from the menu
  4. Place a check in the box for Display all websites in Compatibility View
  5. Click Close

To view orders in NMCMPS please follow the below:

  1. Select from the drop down menu (place cursor over NMCMPS in the upper left corner of the page) 'Member Processing' under the PM
  2. Enter the members name or SSN and select the 'Search' button
  3. Scroll down to the lower half of the page and click on 'Select' next to the member's name
  4. On the new window that opened towards the top right you will see 'Show Orders'
  5. Click on the drop down and select the order you want to view.
  6. The order will open Adobe acrobat reader and show you the order and you can save it or print it from there.