Return for Parent Commands

During the Return, Reunion, and Reintegration (R3) phase, the IA Sailor returns home and transitions back to their Parent Command or NOSC (The term "Re-Deployment" is an Army term that is sometimes used when describing the Sailor's "Return" portion of R3). When an AC Sailor's orders end (IAMM/OSA), they go back to their Parent Command  or execute PCS orders to a new duty station (i.e. GSA). RC Sailors return via their NOSC. In all cases, IA Sailors are expected to complete a series of briefings and medical checks as part of the R3 phase to best prepare them for successul reintigration.

  • The R3 phase begins with the first I-Stop after leaving theater (typically the Warrior Transition Program (WTP) or NMPS).
  • The purpose of the R3 phase is to facilitate the return of the IA Sailor and ensure proper Medical / Family / Unit / Civillian Employment reintigration.
  • The R3 phase ends when nine months have passed since the IA Sailor's return, DHAs have been completed, and all medical issues have been resolved.

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