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Active Component Medical Reintegration

Medical reintigration for AC Sailors remaining in service is very straightforward:

  • Complete the PDHA/PDHRA requirement.
  • For any medical concers, see your primary care physician.

Resource Referral Tracking Manager (RRTM)

Is a mechanism that allows IA Sailors to access healthcare benefits after leaving NMPS/WTP/Other AC processing site. The RRTM provides the following services:

  • tracks referrals placed by an NMPS/WTP/Other Location Medical Provider
  • aids Sailors in navigating the post-deployment healthcare system (TRICARE, MTFs, VA)
  • resolves issues with appointments, delayed care, understanding benefits, etc.
  • directs members to proper resource for obtaining necessary referrals

The RRTM is available 24/7 through the NAVY 311 System or by calling Toll Free: 1-855-NAVY-311 (1-855-628-9311); DSN: 510-628-9311. You can email the RRTM directly for questions 0800 - 1600, Mon - Fri (CDT/CST).

For any Service-Related Injury

Consider enrolling in the Navy's wounded warrior support program, Navy Wounded Warrior and Navy Safe Harbor. These programs have regional offices with non-medical care managers who connect Sailors to resources and benefits to facilitate their recovery or manage any disabilities. Navy Wounded Warrior amd Navy Safe Harbor provide a lifetime of assistance to Sailors who are seriously wounded, ill and injured, as well as their families.