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Ultimate Duty Station: Afghanistan

Afghanistan is part of Central Command's (CENTCOM) AOR. The CENTCOM website provides basic information on CENTCOM's mission and operational posture in Afghanistan. In addition:

When arriving in theater, NAVCENT FWD HQ AFG (NFHA) is the Navy IA Sailor's main resource for getting to and from their mission assignment. If your orders have you assigned ADCON to UIC 3952A then you are ADCON to NFHA. This means that NFHA will be your main point of contact for Navy related questions. NFHA POCs:

Deploying IAs are met at the terminal (Bagram or Kandahar) upon arrival in country. From this point forward, until the IA is handed off to their new gaining command, NAVCENT FWD HQ Afghanistan will arrange transient berthing, follow on transportation, and country briefings.

Additional Screening

Additional Preparation

  • IA Sailors en route Afghanistan should review the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center's Pre-Deployment Afghanistan Reading List and accomplish as much of the reading requirements as possible. This reading list prepares IA's for the critical mission of successful interface with Afghanistan citizens.
  • RAPPORT Dari (CLREC-RDARI-0001) & RAPPORT Pashto (CLREC-RPASHTO-0001). These courses area available on NKO and may be required for your mission. Find out by referring to this guide and your Noble Eagle code.
  • Headstart Dari (advanced language training)
  • Headstart Pashto (advanced language training)
  • Afghanistan Operational Cultural Awareness Training (OCAT), NKO Course Catalog Code: CID-OCAT-AFGHAN-0001.

Additional Packing

  • U.S. Forces-Afghanistan has set an Orders Requirement for Service Members Inbound to Afghanistan. Due to AAFES vendor closures, U.S. retail clothing shops in Afghanistan are no longer available in theater. In the event of TDYs or emergency leaves, Service members should be prepared to travel on commercial air wearing tasteful civilian attire. All military personnel are required to pack and bring one set of civilian attire on individual and unit deployment orders.

Additional Policy

  • The CENTCOM Leave & Liberty instruction provides detailed information on the USCENTCOM Rest and Recuperation Policy (to be leave eligible, IA Sailor's orders need to state 270 boots-on-ground and 365 total TAD).
  • The NAVCENT Extension Policy specifies the conditions under which IAs may request an extension of their mission. These conditions included the following:

    • Extensions are limited to one additional mission rotation or 24 months total BOG time, whichever is shorter.
    • Total BOG is restricted to 12 months or one mission set for Provincial Reconstruction Teams, Embedded Training Teams, Detainee Operations, Confinement Operations, Civil Affairs, Counter-Improvised Explosive Device units, and Expeditionary Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) units.
    • Sailors cannot deploy on another IA/Ad-hoc mission for 12 consecutive months and until PHDRA screening has been completed.

Additional Resources