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CIAC Training

In an effort to reach all CIACs and improve their skill sets as they support IA Sailors and their family, the CIAC Basic Training, CIAC Resources Training, and CIAC Shaping Expectations Training are offered via My Navy Portal's (MNP) Navy eLearning (NeL).  A total of three mandatory courses for CIACs are now provided for you. It is mandatory for all CIACs and IA Sailors are encouraged to complete for their own situational awareness. As your Command’s representative for your IA Sailor and their family you are required to complete the three training courses: Command Individual Augmentee Coordinator Basic Training V1.0 (Catalog Code: USFF-CIACBT-1.0), Command Individual Augmentee Coordinator Resources Training (USFF-CIACRT-2.0 03) and Command Individual Augmentee Coordinator Shaping Expectations Training (Catalog Code: USFF-CIACSET-1.0) within 30 days of CIAC assignment. CIACs are required to complete NeL training within 60 days of assignment as a CIAC per IA GRAM #5.  Enroll in the aforementioned CIAC courses at the MNP main page using the following:

  • On the My Navy Portal page Menu, select "NeL"
  • If this is your first time selecting "Navy e-Learning" since the upgrade, update your personal information and save
  • Select "Links" then under NETC Program Links, select "Navy eLearning" 
  • Select "Login w/ CAC"
  • NETC Learning Management System is displayed at the top of the page
  • Select the "Course Catalog" tab
  • Type "CIAC" in the Number(suffix) column and select "Apply Filters"
  • "Command Individual Augmentee Coordinator Basic Training V1.0" will be displayed in the title column.
  • Select "Enroll" to add the course to "My Training"
  • For "Command Individual Augmentee Coordinator Resources Training", repeat the above to complete.

  • For "Command Individual Augmentee Coordinator Shaping Expectations Training", repeat the above to complete.

  • Upon successful completion of the CIAC Basic, Resources, and Shaping Expectations Training modules, provide a copy of your certificates to your admin department for your command records.

There are three required modules:

  1. Command Individual Augmentee Coordinator: Basic Training V1.0 [USFF-CIACBT-1.0]
  2. Command Individual Augmentee Coordinator:  Resources Training [USFF-CIACRT-2.0 03]
  3. Command Individual Augmentee Coordinator:  Shaping Expectations Training [USFF-CIACSET-1.0]


    For questions about any of the CIAC Training modules, contact USFF IA Support.