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Whether you are an alumnus of Tactical Training Group, Atlantic, or a first time visitor, our web site provides information about the myriad of courses taught at TACTRAGRULANT.  Our show case course of instruction includes the Joint Maritime Tactics Course (JMTC) and the Staff Tactical Watch Officer (STWO) Course.  Each course offered at TACTRAGRULANT is continuously updated to meet the needs of the Fleet.  Our training expertise originates from every naval warfare specialty and our instructors are subject matter experts in their respective warfare area.  They serve as an invaluable classroom resource on current tactics and operational procedures used in the Fleet.  Our computerized training facility reinforces tactical principles and doctrine taught in the classroom and provides realistic hands-on training to course attendees during wargame scenarios as attendees prepare for deployment.

As a Center of Excellence for Strike Group training, we also host a joint TACTRAGRULANT / TACTRAGRUPAC Best Practices SIPRNET web site that provides "one stop gouge" for Strike Group Staffs and individual units to use in preparation for and throughout pre-deployment training and deployed operations.  These Fleet Best Practices are based on observation, feedback, and lessons learned garnered from Strike Groups (CSGs, ESGs and MSO Deployers), the Navy Lessons Learned (NLL) database, liaison with forward deployed Fleet Staffs, and inputs from throughout the Fleet Training Domain, including Commander, Carrier Strike Group Four / Fifteen, Tactical Training Groups, and Expeditionary Warfare Training Groups.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Beginning August, 2014 and continuing through December, 2015, the Dam Neck Annex Main Gate will undergo refurbishment in order for it to meet current ATFP standards.  The Main Gate is the only access point onto Dam Neck Annex.  There are presently no plans to open any other gate onto the Annex.  During this upgrade and its phased approach, extremely high wait times (approximately 40 minutes) at the peak arrival times (0700 - 0800) are anticipated.  Please contact your specific course coordinator to verify class start times and plan your arrival accordingly.  Understand that some course schedules may allow for flexible start times while others will remain rigid and at a time which will require a student to be in class no later than 0800.  Course coordinator/POC information can be found under your specific course's title via the ACADEMIC COURSES or FRTP COURSES drop-down listings provided above.  If unable to make contact with the course coordinator, you may attempt other POCs found under ADMIN & STUDENT CHECK-IN (bottom of page) via the COMMAND INFORMATION drop-down listing provided above.


                    Mailing Address
                    2132 Regulus Avenue, Bldg. 430
                    Virginia Beach, VA 23461

                    TACTRAGRULANT Quarterdeck | 757 / DSN 492-7417

                    POC: TTGL WEBMASTER | 757 / 492-3088 / 3033