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  Security Notice

The following security requirements are in effect at TACTRAGRULANT and must be adhered to while in Train Hall. Unauthorized electronic devices present a high security risk and must be turned off and left either with the Quarter Deck watch or left inside a secure vehicle. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Hand Carried Classified Material

  • All hand carried classified material shall be taken to the Library located in Room 201 to be processed before the material can be opened. Personnel desiring to remove classified material from TACTRAGRULANT must possess a valid Carrier Card and shall take the material to Room 201 for wrapping prior to removal from the command. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Personnel with authorized classified electronic devices can then proceed to the Computer floor located in Room 111 for virus scanning.

Unauthorized Electronic Devices Inside TACTRAGRULANT

  • Cellular phones
  • Palm Pilots
  • PDAs
  • Blackberries
  • Pagers
  • Jump / Thumb Drives
  • Removable magnetic media
  • Personal recording devices
  • Personal cameras and computers
  • All Blue Tooth capable devices

Authorized DoD / Military Magnetic Media

  • All magnetic media to include Laptops, Floppy Disks / CD ROMs / DVDs used for briefing, lectures, or discussions shall be scanned for viruses prior to entering the command's network. All magnetic media shall be brought to the Computer Floor located in Room 111 for scanning. Only TACTRAGRULANT IT personnel are authorized to download content from any electronic media to any command computer or network. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Physical Security

  • All Back Packs/Brief Cases brought into the bldg are subject to search.  Back Packs/Brief Cases shall remain in the possession of the individual owner and shall not be left unattended in and around the quarterdeck, hallways or exterior of the bldg.

Points of Contact

  • Librarian | 757 / DSN 492-7818/7810
  • Security Manager | 757 / DSN 492-1812
  • Computer Floor Network Administrator | 757 / DSN 492-3044
  • IT Support | 757 / DSN 492-3040