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J-2G-0079 / 818Z


SECRET clearance and proof of Information Assurance training required.


Two weeks. Class is taught Monday through Friday from 0800 - 1630.


Classroom lectures, tactical discussions, seminar war games and computerized war games using the Enhanced Naval war gaming System (ENWGS), covering the following topics:

  • Maritime and Joint Concept of Ops
  • CSG / ESG OPORD 6000
  • CSG / ESG Organization
  • Command & Control and Rules of Engagement
  • CWC Battle Rhythm
  • IM / KM via Collaboration at Sea / CENTRIXS
  • Commander’s Underway Orders
  • C4I systems
  • Air Wing / ACE CAPs / LIMs
  • Tactical Communication/Command Systems Afloat / Decision Aids
  • TFCC / FLAG PLOT Current Operations Tactical Simulation


To provide Junior Officers (O-3 and below) destined for selected fleet, Carrier Strike Group, Expeditionary Strike Group and Destroyer Squadron staffs with current tactical knowledge and practical skills required to understand and execute Strike Group Current Operations in a maritime environment.

Emphasis / focus is on the interaction between the OTC / CWC and the subordinate Warfare Commanders / Coordinators from a Staff Tactical Watch Officer perspective. Watch standing basics such as information exchange, radio telephone communications, tactical decision aid employment, friendly force capabilities & limitations, C4I systems, ROE, Automatic Identification System, and Pre-Planned Response (PPR) execution are addressed Students will gain familiarity with basic Strike Group staff watch standing procedures and requirements including information exchange, OPORD, OPGEN, OPTASKs, PPRs, Daily Intentions Messages, Knowledge Management / Information Management via a training Collaboration at Sea (CAS) website, fleet chat policy, Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System (CENTRIXS) and radio telephone communications. Current Operations watch stander skills are emphasized via hands-on application of tabletop seminars, laboratory exercises, and synthetic war games in the Tactical Flag Command Center (TFCC ) / FLAG PLOT.

The STWO course is taught in conjunction with the Joint Maritime Tactics Course (J-2G-3009), which concentrates on the Combat Planning aspects of Navy Tactical Planning / Battle Rhythm. Students will participate with Senior Officers in tactical planning and execution phases via war games, tactical procedural skills required to plan, coordinate and execute combat operations in a multi-threat, Strike Group / force maritime warfare joint environment.


Prior to matriculation, review of Force Tactical Action Officer (FTAO) Manual (NTTP 1-10.1) and individual staff Job Qualification Requirement (JQR) is encouraged. Junior Officers (O-3 and below) assigned to the STWO course will get specialized training in watch standing roles which differ from the Senior Officer corps assigned to JMTC. For this reason, new TTGL requirements permit STWO graduates get credit only for the STWO course. Junior Officers will be required later in their careers to attend JMTC in order to get credit for that course. Maximum size for the STWO course is 10 students. Additional quotas may be made available on a case by case basis. Contact TACTRAGRULANT quota control for details.


TACTRAGRULANT Courses (UIC:43577):

eNTRS is the preferred method for submitting a quota request. To request eNTRS access, please visit:  


If eNTRS is not available to you or for more information, please contact TACTRAGRULANT CQC at DSN: 492-7821 COMM: (757) 492-7821 or visit:


When requesting a quota, utilize the CDP 818Z via eNTRS.

Additional information is required from STWO students when requesting a Quota.  Please provide the following information in the remarks section of your reservation request: 

  • Gaining Command and Position 
  • Designator
  • Contact Phone #
  • Email Address


Schedules Officer | 757 / DSN 492-3179







16-30* 09 MAY 16 20 MAY 16
16-40* 13 JUN 16 24 JUN 16
16-50* 11 JUL 16 22 JUL 16
16-80* 26 SEP 16 07 OCT 16
17-10* 28 NOV 16 09 DEC 16
17-20* 06 FEB 17 17 FEB 17
17-30* 13 MAR 17 24 MAR 17
17-40* 08 MAY 17 19 MAY 17
17-50* 12 JUN 17 23 JUN 17
17-60* 14 AUG 17 25 AUG 17
* STWO taught in conjunction with JMTC course.