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Six Classrooms
  • Three large classrooms seat up to 40 students each and three smaller classrooms each seat up to 25 students.
  • All classrooms are equipped with the latest in audio-visual equipment. Dual overhead projectors can be configured for PC, CTPM, Synthetic Wargame displays, and DVD / VHS.
Tactical Floor Auditorium
  • The tactical floor seats 120 students and is equipped with three overhead projectors. Each can be configured for PC, CTPM, Synthetic Wargame displays, and DVD and VHS video. 
Warfare Modules
  • Tactical Training Group, Atlantic supports real-time tactical training to visiting Strike Group staffs, Warfare Commanders and students. Warfare modules are located on the first deck and can accommodate eleven different cells / teams (i.e. Warfare Commanders, Coalition forces and CWC) simultaneously.
  • The TFCC module closely replicates the TFCC space aboard a CVN, and is located adjacent SUPPLOT, SCC, ASWC, STWC and three smaller classrooms which are used for Strike Group staffs and Warfare Commander planning.
  • Modules included simulated internal and external communication circuits, Synthetic Wargame displays, Link 16, PC, Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System (CENTRIXS), CTPM, PCIMAT, and TBMCS systems.
Wargame Scenario Development
  • Tactical Training Group, Atlantic's experienced scenario design teams provide realistic wargames to the exact specifications of visiting commands. This tailored training capability makes Tactical Training Group, Atlantic the premier site for east coast Strike Group staffs, Warfare Commander and warfighers to conduct predeployment or sustainment training.
Distribute Synthetic Training (FST)
  • Upon request, Tactical Training Group, Atlantic can export synthetic training to pier side units as well as shore-based trainers, command centers or other navy training facilities, allowing commands to utilize the power of real-time wargaming inside the own command and control spaces. This distributed training capability is provided by the Distributed Training Center (DTC), also located at the Dam Neck Annex, utilizing the Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE) network. The NCTE also allows Tactical Training Group, Atlantic to connect with Coalition forces and joint partners during major Fleet Synthetic Training (FST) exercises.
Tactical Library
  • The Tactical Training Group, Atlantic tactical library is one of the premier facilities of its type on the east coast. This up to date and comprehensive library is available to all visiting staffs and students.
  • The library also has SIPRNET and NMCI NIPRNET access. Users must have an NMCI account and a CAC in order to access NIPRNET.
  • In addition to the CTPM course of instruction, the live CTPM feed is useful for visiting staffs and students to stay in touch with deployed units.
Conference Rooms & Flag Officer Spaces
  • A conference room located on the second deck is suitable for meetings and small sessions to support visiting staffs and is VTC capable. There is a small private office space for visiting Flag and General Officers with phone, PC, SIPRNET / NIPRNET access.
  • A larger Flag Cabin includes a conference table, along with SIPRNET / NMCI NIPRNET access, and CENTRIXS is located on the first deck.
  • Access to Tactical Training Group, Atlantic requires a security clearance.
  • Tactical Training Group, Atlantic is a Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) facility with a secure fax (Cleared for TS / SCI) at 757 / DSN 492-7667.
  • Two classrooms and the Tactical Floor Auditorium are SCI capable.

  • There is ample parking for visitors and students. Flag and General Officers have reserved parking. Visiting staffs can call 757 / DSN 492-3065 to arrange reserved parking for O-6 and Commanding Officers.
Point of Contact
  • Deputy Director of Training | 757 / DSN 492-1009