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Security Clearance


Security Clearance Requirements

A valid/up-to-date security clearance at the "Secret" level at a minimum is required for access to TACTRAGRULANT, Bldg. 430.  The same applies for all personnel who desire to attend the various courses of instruction offered at TACTRAGRULANT.  Specific course requirements are listed for each course.

Commands/Units entering their training cycles can submit a PERMCERT for at least ONE calendar year for repeat visitors. Submit JPAS Security Clearance Visit Requests as soon as possible but NLT one week prior to an anticipate course of instruction or event.  Commands can confirm receipt of visit request by submitting an email to: TACTRAGRULANT_SECURITY_ADMIN@navy.mil  to include command's individual SMO Code which will aid in expeditiously locating the request and responding. 

For Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) level security clearances or questions, please feel free to contact TACTRAGRULANT's Special Security Representative (SSR) @ 757/DSN 492-7817/7915.

Note:  Commands shall forward security clearance information via JPAS  to SMO Code N539895 (GENSER),  N539893 (SCI).  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Foreign Visitor Control

All Foreign Visitors shall have an approved Foreign Visit Request (FVR) on file via the Foreign Visit System (FVS). The only exception to this requirement is those foreign officers who are a part of the Foreign Exchange Program or those serving on the various CONUS staffs in which these security clearances are faxed to 757-492-6833. For questions/concerns, please contact TACTRAGRULANT's Foreign Visitor Control Officer @ 757-492-1812 or email @ TACTRAGRULANT_SECURITY_ADMIN@navy.mil

Points of Contact

   §  SSR | 757 / DSN 492-7915