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 When You Need Trust In God 





Lord of the Sea,
We know how to supply ourselves materially, but only You can
supply our deepest needs. We know how to run an engineering plant,
but only Your fire within us can give us power of life. We know how to
repair broken equipment, but only You can repair the brokenness within us.
We can do preservation work, but only You can preserve us beyond death.
We know a lot about healing bodies, but only You can heal our hearts and
minds. We can arm ourselves with weapons, but only You can defend us
against evil. We can keep records of our official service, but only You
can record us in the Book of Life. We know how to take a ship across the
ocean, but only You can chart our course to that final shore. Quiet our
souls this night that we may listen and hear you say, "Peace, be still."
In your Name we pray, Amen.