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 When You Need To Be Refreshed and Renewed 





Lord, many of us are like gale-beaten ships, arriving at last at a calm
and sheltered cove.
Our lines are frayed from incessant tension.
Our sails are battered by sudden gusts of unexpected hardships...
Our spars are broken where we were unable to withstand the force
of temptations.
Our decks are soaked, having been awash with the tears of worry
and doubt.
Refit us as we draw close to you in this quiet moment.
Restore us with renewed courage that we each may set sail again,
as stout ships able to head high into the wind and hold our course.
We thank you that we can set our hearts like sextants upon you and
navigate even perilous, uncharted seas with confidence because
you are our North Star: absolute, constant and dependable. Amen.