When You Need Healing Inside





O God,
These prayers come from all of us. Someone prays on our behalf, but the
prayers belong to everyone, and come from our hearts more than from our
mouths. In some ways none of us really knows how another feels, because
each of us must struggle with his own fears, cope with his own problems,
hurt from his own pains, search for his own goals, forgive and be forgiven
his own failures. In such matters, God, when we seek understanding and
hope for encouragement, it is to you that we turn. In moments such as
these, we reach beyond ourselves and our troubles to you...asking not so
much for things, but for a second or two of your presence. Just your
slightest touch, and the day will be blessed, the raw spots will be healed
and there will be peace in the hours ahead. And so we pray to you
Dear God, Almighty, Everlasting One--all of us--giving thanks for
this moment, your touch and our healing. Amen.