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 The Prayer of a Coast Guard Cadet 





O God, Thou who are waiting to bring peace to my uncertain soul, give me the grace to accept Thy perfect love which casts out all fear and feverish tensions. Accept my gratitude for the privilege of wearing the uniform of a Cadet. Keep me steady in all my strivings to become worthy of the trust, which others have placed in me. Grant that I may have the heart and mind to make decisions in terms of what is right and wrong and not according to my emotions or desires. Fill the sails of my life with courage, strength and truth that I may be one with those who steer their lives by the stars above. Enable me to live as a good brother or sister in the family of mankind, sharing all my good fortunes with others, irrespective of their station, race or creed. Quicken my spirit as I seek to live by the honor code. Make me wise in patience, tack and understanding that I may be found worthy of leadership. Bless my loved ones and may I never fail them. Bring me to a good end and an unfailing confidence in Thy protecting care. Amen.