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 Prayer For Your Shipmates 





Lord, the crew of this ship works hard. They work long hours, often
in hot, dangerous, of difficult circumstances. They work whether tired or
rested. For the life of our ship and the performance of our mission
requires -- no, demands -- that we all put our shoulder to the wheel. But
let us remember, Lord, why this ship exists, and what we are really about.
For the labor we give is a labor for the defense of our land. We work for
our families, for our friends, for our freedoms and for a better world.
We work that our nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the
proposition that all men are created equal, shall not perish from the
earth. And we know, Lord, that in large measure, the measure of a man is
his work. Give us strength, we pray thee, to do our work as laborers who
need not be ashamed. Amen.