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 Prayer At The End Of A Deployment




Yes, Lord, the time is approaching for our return; Days drag on as if to say we've covered a long trail; But the nights bring our thoughts back to You with concern; And happy encounters with loved ones we left at sail.  Ensure we remember only the good times of our growing; Placing in our hearts that which You want us to recall; Allowing us to build our lives, like the river -- ever flowing.

We thank you, O Lord, for the friendships we have Established during this cruise. Companions help us to be at ease, ourselves, comfortable. O Lord, we know who they are. They are people who come to our rescue -- not to save us -- for we often bring pain upon ourselves -- but those whose laughter, loyalty and respect allows us to relax and to gather our forces and come alive again. Help us to recognize that your goodness and blessing is neither an abstraction nor an illusion, but evidenced by the gift of others you have given us. Cause us to realize that among our friends we experience your presence -- your grace during difficult times.

Some say that hell is other people. True, but so is heaven. Lest we forget, O Lord, we thank you this night for our friends.


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