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 Ode To A Cutter





Thou art a solitary cutter,
That's sailed the seven seas.
For every wave that's crashed your bow,
Another wrinkle leaves.

The journey's course, thus far, is kept,
Your guide, the stars in heaven.
The battered ship now seeks, at last,
Calm waters of safe haven.

For every storm you've weathered,
Another's come to sight.
And every turn of your bras-plate screw
Brought you closer to your next fight.

But now the mission's nearly done.
The white hulk's full of rust.
She limps her final journey home
The deck plates almost bust.

Our cutter's fought in battle's proud,
While death raged all around.
She's been a mother's womb in need,
Where safety has been found.

Our cutter is our madonna.
With suckling child at breast.
She's brought the Coasties in her care,
Safe port…to joy …and rest.

-J. Fisher