Marine's Prayer - II





Dear God, in a world that's racked with war,
Let me think of the coming years
When the cannon's core has ceased its roar,
And the nations dry their tears.
Keep Thou my heart unblemished.
Give me strength to wait release;
And let me live as a man should live
In a fight for the God of Peace.
O Father, grant that I may last
To build the world again;
To know when pestilence is past
A brotherhood of men.
Bless Thou the aged with Thy light;
Protect our troubled youth;
And let me fight as a man should fight
In a war for the God of Truth.
Thy will be done, if Thou decree
That I shall die afield.
But let me go face to the foe
Sustain me, lest I yield.
Let no man cry he saw me fly
The battle's agony.
And let me die as a man should die
In a fight for Liberty. Amen.

We remember with solemn appreciation the heroic deeds of the marines that
fought at Trenton - Bladensburg - Tripoli - and bloody Chapultepec. We
commemorate the "devil dogs" of Belleau Wood - Soissons - St. Michael -
and the Argonne. We remember with deepest gratitude the valor and
sacrificial struggle of our fathers and brothers of the United States
Marine Corps who gave their lives in the defense of Bataan - Corregidor -
and Wake Island. We remember those who died in the offenses of
Guadalcanal - Tulagi - New Georgia - Bougainville - and Tarawa - Tinian -
Peleliu - Iwo Jima - and Okinawa. On the Pusan Perimeter - at Inchon -
and the Chosin Reservoir. We hold in hallowed remembrance over 12,000
marines who gave their lives in Southeast Asia at Chu Lai - DaNang - Khe
Sahn - Quang Tri - Cam Lo - Con Thien - Phu Bai - and Hue. We remember,
Heavenly Father, those tragic hours of Lebanon.
For all marines who have given their lives in action on land, at sea, and
in the air, we pause in tribute, O Lord.
(Based on a Litany and Memorial Prayer of Marine Memorial Chapel,
Quantico, Va)