ChaplainCare's Successful Evolution

Chaplain Jane F. Vieira

CAPT Jane F. Vieira
Chaplain Corps, U. S. Navy (Ret)

            The evolution of ChaplainCare has been a team effort between the Navy Chaplain Corps, Global Distance Support Center in Norfolk, Virginia and Naval Sea Logistics Center in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

            Since its inception in 1999, a number of chaplains have participated in making the Navy's ChaplainCare ministry the success it is today, supporting military personnel and their families across 24 time zones around the world.

            One of its pioneering leaders and a dedicated champion of ChaplainCare for over a decade was Chaplain Jane Vieira.  While assigned to Naval Sea Systems Command in 1999, Chaplain Vieira was a key leader in the establishment and development of ChaplainCare as the Navy's first worldwide digital ministry in Navy Distance Support.  Her vision of a web-based ministry, totally dedicated to sea service personnel and their families served by the Navy Chaplain Corps, extended chaplain support to deployed and remote units globally across all time zones and locations.  Over succeeding years, her timeless efforts and constant perseverance to improve program execution, effectiveness and metrics, working in collaboration with the Global Distance Support Center and Naval Sea Logistics Center, were instrumental to ChaplainCare's successful evolution, earning ChaplainCare recognition as a ministry best practice.   

            As Program Director for ChaplainCare from 2005 to 2012, Chaplain Vieira personally dedicated countless off-duty hours seven days per week supporting military personnel and their families around the world.

             Designated the Chaplain Corps Gray Shepherd in 2011 by the Navy Chief of Chaplains, Chaplain Vieira retired from the Navy in October 2012, following 33 years of service.