CIN: K-2E-3119
CDP: 0236
LENGTH: 5 Days
MASL: P124125
ROOM: 183
Upon arrival please review the hallway monitor for current course location and time.


02-NOV thru 06-NOV
22-FEB thru 26-FEB
09-MAY thru 13-MAY
25-JUL thru 29-JUL


Maritime Pre-Positioning Force Staff Planning

To train students in the doctrinal knowledge and skills re-quired to plan, deploy and employ Maritime Prepositional Force (MPF) in support of Marine Air Ground Task Forces (MAGTFs) as part of the MPF. This training focuses on the composition of and planning tasks performed by personnel of command and staff personnel of joint staffs, service components, MAGTFs and Navy forces.
The scope of the course is classroom instruction with emphasis on gradually building the student’s knowledge base of prepositioning operations. On the first day, the focus of the course is an introduction to prepositioning operations; organizations involved, and command relationships. The second day, the focus shifts to the prepositioning planning process, deployment con-cepts, and receiving, staging, onward movement, and integration (RSO&I). The second day also includes a prepositioning ship tour, command brief from Military Sealift Command, and force closure. On the third day the class starts by receiving a static display tour of the Improved Navy Lighterage System (INLS). Also on the third day, the course continues to focus on force closure and assembly operations; including transportation and throughput equipment (both ship-to-shore and overland) critical nodes and force protection. On the fourth day, the class conducts the reconstitution phase maintenance cycle. The remainder of the fourth day is devoted to the written examination and the conduct of the practical exercise. The course dedicates the final day for the completion of the practical exercise. To conduct the practical exercise, the course manager assigns class members to command and staff positions representing the staff organization conducting prepositioning operations for the Navy and Marine Corps. The staff provides a mission statement, scenario, intelligence, country information and maps to the students to develop their plan to complete the practical exercise. The final hours of the class are set aside to conduct a confirmation brief to the practical exercise.


Expeditionary Warfare Training Group, Atlantic (EWTGLANT) offers four resident courses annually. Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) are available upon request. The MPF Operations course conducts four MTTs annually, some of which are to the 20th Seabee Readiness Group in Gulfport, MS, II Marine Expeditionary Force in Camp Lejeune, NC and Blount Island Command, Jacksonville, FL.
Noncommissioned Officers (E-6 and above) and officers of all service branches are eligible. Highly recommend staff NCOs/CPOs, officers and equivalent civilian or licensed Merchant Marine personnel assigned to planning and pertinent staff positions.


Required Read Ahead. Due to this course being ACRONYM heavy students need to read HEADQUARTERS MARINE CORPS PREPOSITIONING PROGRAMS HANDBOOK 2d EDITION (50 pgs). Also, recommend students familiarize themselves with MCWP 3-32/NTTP 3-02.3M, Maritime Prepositioning Force Operations.
During the Maritime Prepositioning Force Operations course students may participate on a ship tour and a harbor ride on an Improved Naval Literage System (INLS) craft. This training event is best conducted in a utility uniform as opposed to a khaki uniform; students should plan accordingly.
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