CIN: S-7G-0612
CID: N03HE51
LENGTH: 15 Days
Upon arrival please review the hallway monitor for current course location and time.

AMIOPC 17-01 27 FEB 17 MAR
AMIOPC 17-02 07 AUG 25 AUG

Ground Operation Specialist Course (GOS)

The AMIOPC is the pinnacle of the MAGTF IO training continuum and satisfies one of the formal education requirements as an approved IO course of study for the MOS 0550 Advanced Information Operations (IO) Planner. AMIOPC is geared toward officers (1stLt - LtCol) assigned to a unit's information operations section. The curriculum is designed to teach the integration, coordination, and synchronization of information related capabilities into the Marine Corps Planning Process at the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) level.
Students will be expected to contribute to discussion based on readings, personal operational experiences, or ideas on best practices.  Instructors will offer examples and outlines to steer discussions.  Guest lectures will offer perspectives on current operational TTPs, best practices, trends, and/or projected ways ahead.   Advanced reading assignments are listed in paragraph 6 of the course’s Welcome Aboard Letter and additional readings will be assigned during the execution of the course during designated Personal Study and Preparation Time (PSPT).


The student will have a thorough understanding of the various information related capabilities and their application.  Lessons learned in each seminar will carry forward throughout the AMIOPC to other information related capabilities discussions, as well as during practical application and performance evaluation during the course staff planning exercise.


The student will demonstrate knowledge of MCPP, the targeting cycle, and coordination with other IO related considerations including legal, contracting, interagency coordination, and key leader engagements.  The student will demonstrate the ability to coordinate, plan, and develop the complete Appendix 3 (Information Operations) to Annex C (Operations) to a MEF level OPORD or OPLAN along with all associated tabs.


Students, organized into Information Operations Working Groups (IOWG), will collectively present their IO Concepts of Support to a board of senior leaders and produce a complete Appendix 3 to Annex C along with all associated tabs.
1) Rank Requirements: E-6 to O-5


2) Knowledge and performance equivalent to function as an Information Operations planner on a
MAGTF, Service, or Joint staff demonstrated through the successful completion of an inventory
exam on T-Day 1. The student must demonstrate the ability to meet the following tasks:


a) When given a scenario, force list, and mission statement construct an IO concept of support, Appendix 3 to Annex C, and tasking documents sufficient to provide IO support to the Commander; and


b) When provided a written examination and references, demonstrate a working knowledge of integration, synchronization, and integration of information related capabilities to obtain an operational advantage; knowledge of Marine, service, and Joint equivalent planning process; and targeting processes by scoring not less than 80% out of 100.


3) Time remaining in service: One year remaining upon completion of the course.


4) Security Clearance: Active SECRET (must be a US citizen).



Read ahead : Welcome Aboard Letter

Security clearance verification needs to be forwarded to the EWTGLANT Security Manager via JPAS using SMO CODE 560110296, or fax using command letterhead or OPNAV Form 5521/27 at DSN: 253-7252 or COMM: 757-462-7252.

Faxed Security clearance verification must contain the following information: Full name; rank, grade, or rate; date and place of birth; DODID number; citizenship of proposed student; name and address of the activity to be visited; date and duration of the proposed visit; security clearance of proposed visitor, investigation type, date of investigation; and phone number and verifying signature of the Security Manager.
Quotas should be requested through the prospective student's training section in coordination with MARFORCOM G-3/5/7 and MARFORPAC G3T as appropriate.