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Amphibious Warfare Demonstrator

The Amphibious Warfare Demonstrator (AWD) was designed for the instruction of Navy and Marine Corps personnel in the doctrine, tactics, and techniques of all phases of an amphibious operation. The AWD is a permanently emplaced one-of-a-kind trainer that houses a theatre, projection room, control room, and a 10,000 square foot demonstration room. The floor measures 96 feet by 69 feet with one-third of the floor taken up by the simulated terrain of the aggressor island. The remaining two thirds of the floor represents the sea echelon area of the coast.

The terrain is constructed of laminated mahogany, which has been painted to represent actual terrain features and can be modified with items such as wood, burlap and clay to represent coastline features anywhere in the world.

The special lighting effects can be used to simulate daylight and darkness. By use of special spotlights in the overhead, single objects can be emphasized. The demonstrator floor can be flooded with ultraviolet light, which causes specially painted items on the floor to take on a phosphorescent appearance.

An electronic panel simulates shore bombardment and sound effects from naval surface fire support ships stationed off the coast. When a ship fires, flashes of light are emitted and are accompanied with a report of an explosion or shell burst on the terrain. Several of the targets are constructed to collapse when hit by this gunfire. The AWD was built by the Austin Company in 1955 at a cost of $198,000 and has hosted more than 500,000 visitors since its inception. Annually, more than 300 shows are presented with a throughput of more than 10,000 visitors. In addition to students from all branches of the military, demonstrations are also offered to such groups as visiting foreign dignitaries, ROTC, JROTC, midshipmen, cub scouts, and reunion associations. Three shows are currently offered: a 7 minute VIP show that gives a brief overview, a 30 minute show designed for civilians with limited or no background in amphibious operations, and the standard 55 minute show given to all military students. The AWD can accommodate groups up to 228.



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