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Welcome to Navy Cyber Forces (NAVCYBERFOR) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) web site. 

The FOIA (5 USC 552) is the law that gives the public the right to request information from the government.  Not all information is released.  Some information  is protected under one or more of FIOA's nine exemptions.

The Privacy Act (5 USC 552a) is the law that gives protection to an individual's rights to privacy and which tells the government how it is to be done.  It is also the law that gives an individual the right to access, and the right to amend, any information pertaining to that individual, which is held in a government system of records.

Address to send requests:

NAVY Cyber Forces 
Attn: FOIA - PA Coordinator 
115 Lakeview Parkway
Suffolk, VA  23435

Navy's FOIA website:

USFF's website:

FOIA Handbook: