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Mr. Rich Woodford


 Mr. Rich Woodford



Mr. Rich Woodford

Technical Director

Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center


Mr. Woodford received his Bachelor of Science degree in physics (astrophysics concentration) from the University of Missouri – St. Louis and his master’s degree in meteorology (concentration in tropical) from St. Louis University.  He has taken several post-graduate meteorology courses from St. Louis University and advanced to candidacy in the Ph.D. (Climatology) Program at the University of New Mexico.

Mr. Woodford joined Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (FNMOC) in January 2012.  Prior to his arrival at FNMOC, Mr. Woodford held several high profile positions in the military, in private industry and in civil service. He was the 1994 USAF Zimmerman Award Winner for the Best Use of Climatology (helped national assets improve SCUD missile launch detections).  In 2001, Mr. Woodford was a finalist for USAF Analyst of the Year for his work on helping to streamline the Analysis of Alternatives process and for developing a program to integrate “analyst” and “operator” communities by inserting the analysts into the operators mission/flight environment.  

Most recently, Mr. Woodford served at the Boeing Company (2005-2012) and led  Boeing’s Algorithm IPT on a proprietary ACAT 1D program.  His team was a major player in proposing, developing, evaluating and integrating rigorous mathematical algorithms designed to exploit ISR&T technologies.

Prior to working at Boeing, Mr. Woodford helped stand up and was the initial Chief of the USNORTHCOM/ NORAD Analysis Directorate’s Homeland Defense Division and Joint Modeling & Simulations Division. Also while a civil servant, Mr. Woodford held positions as a Meteorologist/Atmospheric Physicist at the Air Force Combat Climatology Center where he was a subject matter expert concentrating on  electromagnetic wave propagation. He held the position of a Senior Physicist at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Directed Energy Directorate, working select technical (laser) and administrative (POM/PBSS) projects. At the Air Force Office of Aerospace Studies, Mr. Woodford served as Branch Chief and Senior Effectiveness Operations Research Analyst, consulting DoD and USAF MAJCOMS on ACAT1D and ACAT1C Analyses of Alternatives.

His military career covered both active duty and reserve roles. Mr. Woodford retired in 2007 at the rank of Lt. Colonel (O-5). His most prized memories come from the 14 years and nearly 3,000 flight hours he spent flying into more than 100 hurricanes and tropical storms  with the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, the “Hurricane Hunters.” He and his teammates flew into such memorable hurricanes as Hurricanes Andrew, Iniki, Hugo, Bob, Gilbert and the “Perfect Storm.” His decorations include Military Meritorious Service Medal (Oak Leaf Cluster), Aerial Achievement Medal (4 Oak Leaf Clusters), and several other medals and awards.

His U.S. Government Acquisition Certifications include the Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering (SPRDE) Level III Certification and the Test and Evaluation - (T&E) Level I Certification.