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 Welcome to Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center



Welcome to Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center, or "Fleet Numerical" for short. Fleet Numerical's primary mission is to provide the highest quality, most relevant and timely worldwide Meteorology and Oceanography support to U.S. and coalition forces from our 24x7 Operations Center in Monterey, Calif.

We do this with our world-class suite of high-performance supercomputers running meteorological and oceanographic models, satellite processing and display capabilities, and product distribution systems.

But all that is only significant because of the world-class team of dedicated military and civilian personnel at Fleet Numerical. Our team consists of renowned experts in meteorology, oceanography, computer science and Fleet operations who provide computerized weather and ocean prediction products, weather satellite imagery products and related tactical decision aids and data, supporting virtually every combat platform and weapons system operated by the U.S. Navy.

We are proud 'Fleet Numericans' and fortunate to serve our nation in this capacity. We strive for supercomputing excellence for Fleet Safety and Decision Superiority. We hope you will find what you need here, and thank you for visiting Fleet Numerical. 




  Enable fleet safety and warfighting effectiveness of Naval, Joint and Coalition forces by developing and providing assured Global and Regional Numerical Environmental Prediction and applied decision-making services



DoD's Numerical Modeling Center - the Lead for Physical Battlespace Awareness and Decision Superiority



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