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PCS Information

NIOD Alice Springs




PCS Information


As we all know, a PCS can be a challenging ordeal to accomplish for an overseas assignment. The document on the left provides a printable PDF of detailed PCS information.

Medical Screening The Medical Screening can be an overwhelming task to accomplish. Start the process early to ensure completion.
Remain in Contact Remain in contact with your chain of command and your sponsor. Don't hesitate to ask any and all questions.



Points of Interest

Below is a few points of interest and a list of things to help your PCS move as smooth as possible...Fair Dinkum.

  • Civilian Clothes...but bring a FULL SEABAG!
  • 4on-4off Shift Schedule
  • Can import your vehicle
  • Shopping everywhere!
  • Important documents? See details...
  • Household Goods Restrictions
  • Grab your house keys when you arrive!
  • Internet (ADSL) and Satellite TV available
  • APO Mail Box assigned upon arrival
  • Medical and Dental care available
  • Many Religious Services available
  • Pet Importation
  • COLA, Clothing Allowance, and more!
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