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NIOC Yokosuka

NIOC Yokosuka

Welcome to

Navy Information Operations Command

Yokosuka, Japan






NIOC Yokosuka/Task Group 1070.2 highly skilled Cryptologic, EW and Cyber Warfighters empower the United States Navy and Japan Maritime Self Defense Force to achieve mission objectives and operational effects throughout the Western Pacific.


Provide, and deploy, trained Information Warfare (IW) officers and cryptologic enlisted personnel, expertise, and equipment to support Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Information Operations (IO) for naval surface, sub-surface, and Coalition forces.  Perform Fleet Electronic Support (FES) functions.  Operate and maintain a Global Signals Analysis Lab (GSAL).  Provide signals analysis and IO support for units operating in the Western Pacific theater.  Execute technical exchanges in support of Naval and national strategic objectives (Ref: COMFLTCYBERCOM/TENTHFLTINST 5450.44).


Effective & efficient execution of Mission





Sustained Combat Readiness





Develop our warfighters and leaders 





Balanced Sailors







Our guiding principles are informed and influenced by the Navy Ethos, Sailor’s Creed, CNO's Three Tenets (Warfighting First, Operate Forward, Be Ready) and our Navy Core Values (Honor, Courage and Commitment).  I distill these core guiding documents into four principles:  BE INVESTED, BE HONEST, BE RESPECTFUL, and BE SAFE.  If our intent and actions align with these four principles, I am fully confident we will successfully execute our mission, properly 'train our reliefs', and enjoy a solid command climate with a high degree of esprit-de-corps. 

NIOC Yokosuka is an Echelon IV Command
reporting to the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command / U.S. TENTH Fleet (FCC-C10F)
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