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If you are transferring to Navy Information Operations Command Whidbey Island, and need a sponsor, you can contact the Sponsor Coordinator at 360-257-5466 or email at  

                                                           NAVIOCOM Whidbey Island
                                                1280 W INTRUDER STREET, BLDG 2700
                                                            OAK HARBOR, WA 98277 

                   NIOC Whidbey Island is an Echelon VI command reporting to NAVIDFOR in support of 
                                                  US Navy Fleet Cyber Command/10th Fleet  






Execute C10F Electronic Warfare (EW) and SIGINT analysis, training, certification,

planning, execution, target development, and direct support augmentation to naval

air and surface forces engaged in information operations worldwide. 



SAPR Victim Advocate (VA):

Responds immediately to victims of sexual assault; provides information and explains reporting options; accompanies victims during medical, investigative and legal procedures; helps victims through barriers; makes referrals for assistance.

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC):

Ensures that VAs are trained and responsive care is properly coordinated and provided to victims of sexual assault; tracks sexual assault cases from the initial report through final disposition and resolution. 

There are two reporting options: 

Restricted Reporting - This reporting option allows you to confidentially disclose the crime to a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC), SAPR Victim Advocates (VA), or healthcare personnel so that you can receive medical treatment and SAPR services. If you file a Restricted Report, your chain-of-command will not be notified, and there will not be an official investigation of the crime (so the person who attacked you will not be questioned or disciplined). If you want to pursue criminal charges, you must file an Unrestricted Report.

Unrestricted Reporting - This reporting option is for victims of sexual assault who desire an official investigation of the crime.

For Sexual Assault Advocate Services you may call the following 24/7 support services:

-DoD SAFEHLPLINE 877-995-5247 or text to 55-247 or visit

-NASWI SAPR Advocate 360-914-7867 or 360-914-7855

-NRNW SARC 360-914-7834 


             Evolve and implement technical expertise and training standards to effectively

       support Operational Commanders worldwide.  Maximize support to the warfighter

          by anticipating developments in Naval EW and SIGINT technology and mission.  






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