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If you are transferring to Navy Information Operations Command Whidbey Island, and need a sponsor, you can contact the Sponsor Coordinator at 360-257-5466 or email at  

                                                           NAVIOCOM Whidbey Island
                                                1280 W INTRUDER STREET, BLDG 2700
                                                            OAK HARBOR, WA 98277 

                   NIOC Whidbey Island is an Echelon VI command reporting to NAVIDFOR in support of 
                                                  US Navy Fleet Cyber Command/10th Fleet  





Execute C10F Electronic Warfare (EW) and SIGINT analysis, training, certification,

planning, execution, target development, and direct support augmentation to naval

air and surface forces engaged in information operations worldwide. 



             Evolve and implement technical expertise and training standards to effectively

       support Operational Commanders worldwide.  Maximize support to the warfighter

        by anticipating developments in Naval EW and SIGINT technology and mission sets.  

The DoD Safe Helpline number is the 24/7 Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Response Line. If you need immediate support services, you should call the DoD Safe Helpline.
If local sexual assault victim assistance is requested, please call the
following numbers, in order. If none of the three are immediately
available please leave a message or contact the DoD Safe Helpline for
immediate assistance.

1. NIOC WI Duty SAPR VA Phone: 360-257-5229
2. NIOC WI SARC:  CTRC Simmons/CTR1 Veit
3. Whidbey Island SARC:

Safe Helpline 24/7, (877) 995-5247,






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