The Big Picture
The Navy shall be organized, trained, and equipped primarily for prompt and sustained combat incident to
operations at sea.” ~ Title 10, USC

Where We Fit In
We will deny our enemies sanctuary within the electromagnetic spectrum.  We will find them, expose their
actions, reveal their intentions, and block their objectives.

How We Will Do It 
Provide professional and motivated expert information warriors for duty as aircrew, direct support, maintainers,
signal analysts, network providers, and admin professionals.
We Will Focus On 3 Things

Unconditional trust is the bedrock of our Service.  Trust up and down the chain of command allows us to
empower people by delegating decisions to the lowest level.  We will exercise command by negation.  Use your
initiative, develop your own solutions, keep the chain of command informed of what you intend to do, and get
after it.  Execute required procedures by the book; if the book is wrong, bring it up and we’ll help change the
book.  We own our command climate.  Speak up and step in if something doesn’t seem right.  Likewise, be
accountable for your mistakes.  Don’t be afraid to own up to shortcomings- it is how we learn as a team.
Beware of becoming complacent.  Outstanding organizations never tire in the relentless pursuit of excellence.
Train like lives depend on it…  because they do.  Maintain personal balance to ensure you can perform at your
full potential.  Know your job and always strive to improve.  Don’t maintain the standard; push the boundaries
and set the new standard.  Challenge each other, mentor each other, and make each other better.  Stay hungry.

We live in a time of accelerating technological change, and as new systems come online we have an
unparalleled opportunity to invent our own future.  Envision the optimal use of systems (not just incremental
advances) and think of how to make it reality.  Always consider new ways of doing business.  Be resourceful:
re-use and repurpose existing equipment in different ways.  Tap into our diversity of experience to see old
problems through new eyes.  Remember:  good ideas have no rank.
Never Forget
“We must be ready to dare all for our country. For history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the
weak or the timid.”~ President Eisenhower, Inaugural Address



T.P. McGeehan

Commanding Officer


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