We are a cornerstone of the Navy's EW and SIGINT analysis mission.  Endeavor to maintain the highest state of readiness and excellence.  Test yourself and others every day.  Meet challenges head on and posture the Command for success by aggressively adapting to changes in future technology and warfighting enviroments.  Continue to grow as a team - most of all, have fun doing it!


A unified work force, always communicates, coordinates and cooperates throughout the chain-of-command.  Command excellence is built on trust, courage, commitment, accountability and a proper team focus on mission and actions taken to align the Command, Navy and Country for success.


Lead my setting the example, know your job well, seek out opportunities to grow professionally and personally, and treat everyone with dignity and respect.  By looking out for your shipmate, doing what is right at every opportunity, and practicing the Navy's Core Values, every NIOC Whidbey Island Sailor contributes to superior and sustained mission performance.


The family is the perpetual source of encouragement, advocacy, assurance, and emotional refueling that empowers Sailors to venture with confidence in all aspects during a long successful Navy career.  Maintain a healthy work/life balance; as the family thrives, so does the Sailor, the mission and ultimately the Command.





NIOC Whidbey Island is an echelon III command reporting to NIOC Norfolk                                                                                       Last modified: December 14, 2011

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