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Welcome Aboard


 Welcome Aboard

If you have received orders to NIOC Sugar Grove, please e-mail the Command Sponsor Coordinator to receive your Sponsor and Welcome Aboard packages

Getting to NIOC Sugar Grove

The Sugar Grove area is not accessible by commercial transportation; however, the nearby Harrisonburg/Shenandoah Valley, VA, area is serviced by Greyhound Bus Lines and USAir through the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport in Weyers Cave, VA.

Planning to ride the bus or fly in? Call NIOC Sugar Grove at (304) 249-6310/6312. Ask for government transportation to the base from the airport or bus station.

If you’re driving east
Take Interstate 79 South to U.S. Route 33 East exit at Weston/Buckannon, WV. Take U.S. 33 to Brandywine, WV and continue south on Route 21 (Sugar Grove Road) for five miles. The Main Base (containing Admin, the Housing Welcome Center and the base dining facility) will be on your right. Park at the building with the flag pole (BLDG. 63).

If you’re heading west
Use Interstate 81 to reach U.S. Route 33 West in Harrisonburg, VA. Head west over Shenandoah Mountain to Brandywine; at the intersection, turn left on to Route 21 (Sugar Grove Road). The Main Base is five miles south.

When you arrive
Security will aid you in locating your sponsor or berthing as appropriate. You or your sponsor should make arrangements for temporary lodging at the local motels, bed and breakfast or one of the recreational cabins prior to your arrival. Once you have a temporary place to stay, your sponsor will help you with the check-in process.
During the early morning and night hours, deer can be seen grazing along the roadsides. The only reasonable safe action to take when you see a deer near the road ahead is to STOP. Then, proceed at a slow speed until clear of the animal. Always drive more slowly than normal through deer country. In the event you do hit a deer, park the vehicle clear of the road before checking the damage. Do not approach the deer as its sharp hooves can cause injury, even if the animal is partially incapacitated. Contact a sheriff, state trooper, or game warden within 12 to 24 hours of the accident. If you hit a deer on base, contact Security.

Road conditions in Pendleton County can be very challenging due to the mountainous terrain. Most roads are two lane secondary roads in which even a small amount of snow or rain can cause road conditions to change very rapidly. The best way to handle the road conditions is to take your time and enjoy your drive through the beautiful countryside.

School Information

Most children residing on base, between kindergarten and sixth grade, attend Brandywine Elementary. However, due to class space, some elementary students go to Franklin Elementary. All middle and high school students attend school in Franklin, 18 miles from the base. Transportation to and from the base is provided by a Pendleton County school bus. Classes run from late August through early June. The registration lottery begins in April for entering Kindergarten and pre-school students.

Brandywine classes are small, allowing for individualized attention not often found in schools near other Navy bases, with a teacher-student ratio ranging 15 to 20 pupils per teacher. A Partnership in Excellence Program has created a close bond between the base and the schools. NICO Sugar Grove volunteers are some of the key players in the county’s DARE program.

There are two steps to registering your children with the Pendleton County School system. First, head to the Health Department in Franklin to see the school nurse with an updated copy of your children’s shot record. Second, go to the school to register your children and present the original copy of the birth certificate. Special education services are somewhat limited in Pendleton C ounty schools. Special education needs must be identified during your isolated duty screening.

The following phone numbers will be helpful in enrolling your children:

Pendleton County School Superintendent: (304) 358-2207
Pendleton County Health Department: (304) 358-7565
Brandywine Elementary School: (304) 249-5381
Franklin Elementary School: (304) 358-2206
Pendleton County High School: (304) 358-2573
Home School Information: (304) 358-3707

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