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Public Works Department (N4)


 Public Works Department (N4)

Public Works Officer:
(304) 249-6395
Assistant PWO:(340) 249-6340
PW Chief: (304) 249-6573
Secretary: (304) 249-6342
Fax: (304) 249-6397

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The Public Works Department (PWD) maintains all facilities and utilities functions on the command utilizing a combined civilian and military workforce. This PWD workforce averages approximately 40 personnel with skills which include, but are not limited to: air conditioning, auto mechanics, builders, carpenters, contracting, electricians, equipment operators, planners, and plumbers. The spectrum of services offered covers everything from minor repairs to the coordination of major construction projects and includes the following:

Air Conditioning and Heating Services
Automotive and Equipment Maintenance
Electrical Utilities (Maintenance/Repair)
Environmental Programs Management
Facilities Management (Maintenance/Repair)
Grounds Maintenance
Housing Maintenance
Self-help Projects Management
Snow Removal
Telephone Services (Government)
Water and Sewage Treatment

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