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NIOC Sugar Grove is located in picturesque Pendleton County, West Virginia, in the Potomac Highlands or eastern portion of the state, approximately 170 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. Also close enough for a day-trip are Winchester, VA at 110 miles, Richmond, VA at little over 110 miles, Arlington, VA just 165 miles and Baltimore, MD located a bit over 200 miles away.

Pendleton County, with Franklin as the county seat, is connected to the rest of the county and Virginia by U.S. Route 33 running east and west. Within the county are three parallel valleys, running northeast and southwest, through which flow the South Branch of the Potomac River, and its tributaries, the North and South Fork Rivers.

Within a day’s drive to the biggest cities on the East Coast, our area has much to offer the visitor who would like to spend some time amid scenes of mountains, beautiful valleys, fertile farms, and deep gorges where streams have carved their way over centuries. Free from smog, this area of West Virginia presents an ever-changing picture that delights the eye and rests the nerves.

The forests of the county have fifty varieties of trees, half that number of shrubs and vines, and a wide variety of other plant life. Azaleas, mountain laurel, and rhododendron bloom during the spring and summer, providing a wealth of color to the mountainsides. After the forests of early autumn, the forests change to vivid colors of blazing orange, yellow, and scarlet.

Tourist all over the region visit the Potomac Highlands every year for the beauty fall can bring. Reddish Knob (elevation 4,700 feet), only a short drive away, looks down on the base and the surrounding area. The view from its top is stunning! En route to the top are several campsites available for use year round.

You would be hard pressed to find the fresh air and a church-like stillness anywhere else.

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