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Execute Computer Network Defense and Digital Network Intelligence objectives supporting naval and national cyber supremacy.

A total force team of the highest character collaboratively delivering Digital Network Intelligence to the U.S. Navy and Joint Force today, while both shaping and satisfying the Computer Network Operations requirements of tomorrow.

 Command Philosophy

  • TEAMWORK: Every command member has something unique to contribute and is valued for that very reason. As such, anything we take on will be a team effort and involve both a tailored cadre of subject matter experts and provide ample involvement from those we are purposefully growing as part of our legacy. We will refrain from using the pronouns “I“, “You“, “Me“ and “They“ in favor of “We“ and “Us.“
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Communication has a 360 degree array. Seniors have a responsibility to ensure juniors clearly understand both the task at hand and the strategic efforts to which our contributions are ultimately enabling. Conversely, we all have the responsibility to hold juniors, peers and seniors accountable, dissent when warranted and ask for help when needed. Make the Chain of Command work! We are a family and, just as any other family, the health of our relationship is directly related to our ability to effectively communicate.
  • CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT: Not a single thing we do as a team is perfect and not a single trait of any individual is without room for improvement. Each of us will leave this command having improved it in some way and each of us will depart a better Sailor, person, follower and leader. We will each leave our legacy with the command and our Shipmates; The command and our Shipmates will leave a legacy with us.
    • ENTREPRENEURSHIP: An entrepreneur does not wait to be anointed, but is self-empowered. We will embrace our roles as entrepreneurs, see challenges as opportunities and add value to everything we touch. As we do, we will undoubtedly experience some failures, which is far better than watching opportunities to grow and contribute pass by us. Be decisive, persistent and take action! Fear of failure is not authorized!


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